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Summer 2015 Vlog, Lighting was an issue I didn't have my softbox light set. I also had to get images from May 2015 until August 2015 from Facebook, two computers and my phone. 

10 Serial Episodes

Serial #1 
Cool For The Summer

Being the only parody in the series, this video is the most intricate that I've made this semester. A technical issue I ran into while filming this video was color correction and the overall look. Trying to match shots of the parody to the original video is always an issue to some extent. 
Serial #2 
itsACP Fan/ Hate Mail 

This video required me to pull from our archive of videos as well as searching for comments from all videos posted to my channel. A technical issue I had was correctly correctly the comments to appear on screen. 
Serial #3 
Photo Shoot With The Cousins 

Found footage from 2012 of Lyndsay Cannon and I during our photo shoot which eventually became our opening title sequance. An issue I dealt with was the audio track which we played while we filmed, balancing out the volume levels from the clips used and the track I added in. 
Serial #4 
Asbury Park Zombie Walk 

​The only technical issue i dealt with in this video was audio because It was so unplanned, bystanders audio had to be written in with subtitles. 
Serial #5 
Camp Evans 2015 Tillies Fun House

 Lighting was an issue when filming this video since It was filmed in a Haunted House it was not an option. I tried to fix the exposer, but it was becoming too grainy. 
Serial #6 
Pumpkin Spice Season 

Pumpkin Spice Season was a fun video to shoot, a technical issue I had a difficult time fixing was the audio. I was using the mic from the camera which was not the best. 
Serial #7 
​Uptown Funk LIVE COVER 

Uptown Funk was only shot with one camera, looking back I wish there were two rolling so I could cut back and forth between shots. 
Serial #8  
John Makes a Pizza 

If this is considered a technical issue then the one I experienced was not having a camera man I could hand off my camera to. This would have recorded the full activity rather then have me holding the camera. 

Serial #9
Behind the Scenes with itsACP 

This video is a mashup of some funny behind the scenes footage of our parodies and some fun we have on set. I had to re-upload the video because I saw a mistake while watching it in class 
Serial #10 
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 

This video is a re-upload of a video which went up after christmas missing the audio. I recut the clips, also added the correct audio. I'm hoping putting it up earlier this holiday season it can get more traffic. This video was also featured in my final live broadcast. 

Instagram and Vines 

Alternate Distributions 


Live Streams 

Live Stream 1: Guess Who ​http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/76381711
Live Stream 2: What Song is This? 
Live Stream 3: Emoji Game  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QrELNeMD8U​

Final Live Stream 

Live Late Night Study Break Christmas Special 
Skipping was an issue and the stream going out of sync was also an issue. 
<![CDATA[So much has happened!! We'll catch you up! ]]>Thu, 19 Feb 2015 17:40:41 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/so-much-has-happened-well-catch-you-upThis blog has been lacking... we know lol! But we've been super busy working for you on youtube. With Lyndsays move across country back in June we've neglected this blog :( but let me catch you up on all we did! 

Since our PLL, Problem and Maleficent parodies in June we've done covers, crazy parodies and vlogs of course! 

August to September, John released his cover of Meghan Trainors All About That Bass which we hope you all loved! We also released our Anaconda Parody with Emily from JST, if you haven't seen them check them out here. 

After that things get a little spooky in October to November with some fun and silly Halloween Vlogs along with our American Horror Story Freak Show Parody! 
And right before Christmas we took a magical trip Into The Woods with Taylor Swift 

Onward to 2015! This year has been off to a good start! With another Meghan Trainor Cover, a 50 Shades Parody, and our first ever animation! 
Well now you're all caught up!! Say in the loop by subscribing to Youtube.com/itsACP <3 
<![CDATA[Problem Parody]]>Fri, 06 Jun 2014 23:30:39 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/problem-parody
The Cousins have no problem with making another Ariana Grande Parody! Even though the internet may think they hate Ariana (which they dont) the cousins say
"Bring on the #Haters!" 
<![CDATA[MALEFICENT Parody Just Hit The Web!]]>Thu, 29 May 2014 21:20:06 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/maleficent-parody-just-hit-the-web
Maleficent Parody is out now! The Cousins take on Disneys most notorious villain in their latest parody! 
Check it out here
<![CDATA[MTV Loves itsACP ]]>Mon, 14 Apr 2014 17:16:27 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/mtv-loves-itsacp
itsACP has done it again and MTV approves!! MTV Remote Control has just released an article about the Cousins yet again. 
Check it out here 

"Palos Hills High School’s new kid, Eva, has a lot of catching up to do when she enrolls, but at least she can find some comfort in the fact that there are other transfers out there! In an ”Awkward YouTube parody released by A Cousins Production on Friday, a recent PHHS recruit starts to find his footing on campus, but when the skit’s Tamara character senses he’s struggling, she sits him down, takes a deep breath and tells him the whole story, from pre-sophomore year summer camp to present day.
While perched on a staircase, T guides the lost puppy through the Matty/Jenna/Jake love triangle, the dreaded Carefrontation letter and J-Town’s downward spiral, and peppers her long-winded tales with dance breaks and a couple of very poignant selfie opportunities. “It basically took Jenna losing everything, slash, almost becoming a cokehead-loser to realize that she needed to reel it in,” the second coming of Tamara states in the video, closing in on senior year. “Now she’s trying to win us all back, and to be honest, this is a little awkward.”

Check out T 2.0 in action, and be sure to catch the “Awkward” Season 4 premiere Tuesday night at 10/9c!" 

<![CDATA[Awkward Parody]]>Thu, 10 Apr 2014 23:23:58 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/awkward-parody

ACP has just released their latest parody for MTV's #AWKWARD! Be sure to check it out and SUBSCRIBE

Watch the video here!!  

<![CDATA[Wow.. ]]>Mon, 07 Apr 2014 14:35:46 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/wow
Can you believe that its been over a year since John and Lyndsay met the JERSEY SHORE CAST!!! 
Check out the video of them meeting the Cast!!! 
<![CDATA[itsACP's 30th Parody "Black Out Drunk" ]]>Thu, 06 Feb 2014 15:43:14 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/itsacps-30th-parody-black-out-drunk

itsACP is proud to present their 30th Parody video! Since starting with "Jersey Shore Girlz" on TheUrbandecay, The cousins have grown their videos tremendously in quality and content. They now have their own channel, website, and you guys (our faithful family, friends and of course the FANS!) Thank you all for your support over the past three years! 
Check out "Black Out Drunk" our first Beyonce parody, 
to her song "Drunk in Love" 

<![CDATA[Meet The Cousins ]]>Thu, 06 Feb 2014 04:54:41 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/meet-the-cousinsRocky Start 
John and Lyndsay were NOT always friends.  They first met at a local theater company "Kids On Stage", where they first learned they were cousins.  John donned a classic mushroom cut, hawaiian shirt, and briefcase, and Lyndsay...lets just she say did not approve of her cousins actions.  "Mama Walsh" and "Yamie" (John and Lyndsay's moms) begged the two to get along, since they were only children and would be "all they had" when they got older.  After years of Lyndsay denying any relation, the two ended up at the same performing arts school where they began to do plays together.  A friendship began naturally and on John's 16th birthday (AKA Johnapolooza), Lyndsay was invited down to his Shore house. For his birthday, he asked one thing of his cousin: to make a video on her youtube channel.  She agreed and thus began the start of "A Cousins Production".  Since then the two have become the best of friends and have continued their music video parodies as well as started a few reality mini series.
The Fame Game
John and Lyndsay are now both dedicated to getting their names out in the big leagues.  They will fight anyone (including each other)  to be in the spotlight.  You might see them casually walking down the street with sun glasses on shouting: "Please no pictures! I just want to be normal", when no one is around them.  Jet setting, performing, and being loud is just a day in the life of the cousins.
Endearing Attention Seekers
"You are both obsessed with fame, but somehow....
it's healthy"!
Although the two walk around acting like they should constantly have  cameras on them (it would be selfish not to spread their hi-larious lives with the mass public, obviously), they are genuine and endearing.  The two have close relationships with their family and friends, making them their #1 priority.  ]]>
<![CDATA["Say Something" Cover ]]>Sun, 02 Feb 2014 18:46:19 GMThttp://www.acousinsproduction.com/blog/say-something-cover
ItsACP Covers a Great New World and Christina Aguilera "Say something" 
Check it out here